Mountain Wines Sampler (6 Pack)


An introduction to the evocative wines from some of Europe’s highest elevation vineyards. While covering a wide geographical area and diverse range of styles, there is a commonality that defines wines that are truly ‘mountain’ that goes beyond mere elevation-whites with a clean limpidity reminiscent of glacial spring water, reds with delicious berry fruit and aromas of wildflowers, and an overall impression of transparent purity. We will share with you some of our favorites from the Alpine regions of Savoie and Switzerland, the sunny vineyards beneath Mont Blanc in Valle d’Aosta, the perfumed and delicate Nebbiolo from the Valtellina in Lombardy, the austere wines of Carema and other small villages of Alto Piemonte, and the Dolomite wines of Alto Adige.  

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Mix – Red, White, & Rose, Reds only


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